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We just wanted to thank everyone who bought “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” You’ve made it a joyous and encouraging holiday season, and we are working hard on “Everyone Counts,” our next interactive book.

We are hoping it’s available by March 1, so stay tuned!

Our first app has been submitted!

We’re proud to announce that our first app has been submitted to the iTunes App Store, and we’re eagerly awaiting word on its acceptance (or rejection).

It’s a book app, a lavish edition of Clement C Moore’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and it runs full screen and full resolution on all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

We went through a lot of effort to maintain the look and feel of a classic holiday story, even including the original illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith, while updating it to take full advantage of today’s most modern devices.

Mr. Moore couldn’t imagine his story lasting as long as it has, or children reading it on the kinds of devices available.